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Professional House Clearance Services and Rubbish Removal

Premium House Clearance of Leicester offers a professional and sympathetic service, most of all when dealing with a sensitive bereavement house clearance situation. Our team are trained to deal with these delicate situations calmly and respectfully and above all passionately. We are a fully insured house clearance company that provides all aspects of environmentally friendly rubbish clearance services as we are a government cleared upper-tier registered waste carrier, so you can be assured that all your waste materials will be disposed of ethically and responsibly.

​Also, our fleet of 3.5 Ton Luton vans with electrical tail lifts are insured to carry your valuables. We are always available to offer a solution to your house clearance or rubbish removal needs, just give us a call on our main or fill out the contact form with a few details and we will speedily return your call.

Rubbish Removal Service or Skip Hire?

With the help of a professional Rubbish removal and house clearance company such as Premium House Clearance, of Leicester you can avoid costly skip permits which can be an average of £35 per skip, paid to Leicester Council, and by having us take your rubbish away for you. We work to make sure that all the unwanted rubbish is taken away and properties are left in a clean condition with everything removed from them and disposed of correctly. We do all the lifting, carrying, loading, unloading and dirty work, so you don’t have to! You can also rest easy in the knowledge that all the rubbish, waste and junk will be responsibly taken care of by our Environmental Agency registered waist carriers.

It’s also difficult to know just how much waste that you can fit into a skip when you’re assessing your waste disposal requirements, and you will need to pay out for the hire of a whole skip even though you ultimately may not use all of the available space. We, on the other hand will give you a total price for the exact amount of rubbish that needs removing from your home or business.

We try our best to recycle as many items as we can through our local network of recycling agencies and charities. If you require more information on how we operate and how Premium House Clearance of Leicester can help you with your rubbish and clearance needs, then please, by all means give us call.


House Clearance

​Premium house clearance of Leicester completes all our work to a very high quality and standard. All the properties that we clear included items such as, household furniture, for example, fridge freezers, standard fridges, washing machines, gas and electric cookers. We always make sure to clear everything that you require. We have a different approach to other companies in the Leicester area, as modern items that you may have during the clearance could be saleable, then we could always agree on a price for these goods and offset the cost of these items against your final clearance costs This has worked well with previous clients. We can offer this extra service as we have a used goods household retail outlet and could resell at a later date. We are always keen to recycle as much as possible and hate throwing useable items away, but you can be confident in the knowledge that any rubbish does need disposing of, then we operate as fully licensed waste carriers in the Leicester region.

Rubbish Removal

Premium House Clearance of Leicester offers a professional, affordable and responsible rubbish removal solution for all your unwanted furniture, household goods, general rubbish and waste. We are cheap, fast and easy to deal with. We provide our Leicester customers with clearing services that can be tailored and matched to their exact requirements, on most occasions we offer a same day service if urgently needed. We respectfully arrive and collect your unwanted items of unused rubbish on the day and time that is convenient to you. Our friendly, polite, helpful and approachable team are always polite and always willing and able to lend a helping hand if you have rubbish problems that need attending to. Let us work together and remove all your unwanted rubbish and clutter that you no longer have use for, which will produce that extra space in your home. You will be also safe in knowing that all your waste products will be recycled, given to a local charity or disposed of in an ethical way, through our network of resources. this is because you are placing your trust in a company that is fully licensed with the government Environment Agency’s register of upper tier waste carriers, then you are safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to be concerned about and where your rubbish will be dumped.

Man With A Van

Are you looking locally in Leicester for a reliable man-with-a-van service to move your belongings or valuables? Do you need this man and a van for a full working day or even half a working day to move your items safely around? Or would it be useful to have two or three men to move you from A to B without the hassle and cost of booking a large removal firm to complete the move? If so, then maybe we can work with you to do just that. You can book our services for as long as you need us to assist you. Call us now if you are having difficulty in finding the right company. Are you a university student or housing tenant that requires a removal service, based on your personal needs and don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on expensive removal services for just a few items? Just call us now to let us know your exact man with a van needs and we will always try to offer you a cost-effective solution that will not break the bank. We have a selection of different sized vans depending on the goods that you need moving. We can move your entire collection of furniture, white goods, such as your fridges, cookers and washing machine, bin bags of clothing items, contents of your garage, sheds or outbuildings. Call us now for a quick quote and see if we can help you

House Removal

We offer all our Leicester customers a fully insured house removal service that is based around offering tailored solutions to suit our moving requirements. Our comprehensive and bespoke ad adjustable services are run by our dedicated and trusted relocation team, who are fully experienced and knowledgeable with everything to do with the removals and logistics industry. All we ask and require from our customers is to let us do our job, take the strain as we move and professionally take your goods to their new and intended destination. If all, or part of your items are parked in a storage facility, then we can take care of this also and safely transport them to the new location or even deposit them there if needed. We are a fully insured company so you can be assured that all your items are being taken care of during the transition. Call us now to discuss your move and book our select services.


How Does House Clearance Work?

The aspects of a house clearance usually entails a service that clears all the unwanted goods from a full house or part of a house. Homeowners and even local businesses utilize our house clearance services for numerous reasons, for example, they may need to urgently clear a property that has been sold after a friend, relative or loved one has unfortunately passed on. It could also be that people are relocating and need to store their belongings in one of the readily available storage units that you see now. Sometimes landlords, estate agents or local councils need a house cleared rapidly to allow for a new tenant to move into the premises

What do you clear

Everything is basically cleared, including all furniture items such as, beds, wardrobes, divans, cupboards, draw units, white goods like cookers, fridges, freezers, old washing machines, dishwashers, all electrical items, general household waste, bedding items and used clothing. We try to accommodate and clear everything we possibly can apart from anything we think is of a hazardous nature and liquid that we are not too sure about. Materials such as asbestos cannot be disturbed for health and safety reasons. If you are not 100% sure of a substance or material then please make sure we are aware of it beforehand.

House clearance costs

This will all depend on the size of the actual house that requires clearing. We need to process some information prior to the clearance so we can gain more knowledge of the work involved. Once we have the relevant information then we can give you a firm quote for our services. It may be that you have received cheap quotes over the phone, please be aware that cheap usually comes with a catch and could be what is known in the trade as hook, once the clearance company arrives they come up with lots of additional costs that were not discussed over the phone. Your quote on the day could double or even treble. This is why we like to see a job beforehand as it cuts down on the confusion. We totally understand that it’s not always possible to see a house before we issue a price, so we can estimate over the phone, but please be aware that this is a professional estimation until we can get to view the actual premises.

Are you registered waste carriers

Yes, we are fully licensed environmental agency registered waste carriers. Upper-tier level. Also you can be rest assured that all your worldly goods and valuables during transit are indeed insured too. You are more than welcome to ask for any of our paperwork at any time

Do you need to visit the property first?

In an ideal situation yes we always like a viewing of the intended clearance work or the amount of rubbish that needs removing, It’s always in everyone’s favour to see the scope and amount beforehand as then we can be confident in quoting the correct amount to our customer. In some cases, we know that we cannot, so for that reason we can try to give an estimation on the available information the best we can. But please be fully aware that the estimation could go up or even go down, it all depends on the information that was given to us originally.

Do I need to be at the property when it is being cleared?

It is not always necessary for you to be in attendance during the property clearance, We have carried out many a house clearance before without our customers’ presence at the property, if you live nearby to the intended house clearance, then you could by all means meet us there with the keys and return later when the job is complete. Also, we don’t mind picking up any keys from a solicitor, agent, landlord or neighbour before the clearance if this helps you out. Another option that works well is to forward the keys to our office by a recorded delivery postage method and we can return them back to you upon completion with some photographic evidence by emailing you photographs, this is of course if you cannot be in attendance at the premises in any way. We are always happy to help with an alternative solution.

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